• High-Performance MongoDB®

  • powered by TokuMXTM

  • Data Compression

  • Fast, read-free Updates

  • Consistent Write Performance

  • Document Level Locking

  • no code changes

  • SSD-backed servers

  • fully managed

  • by cloudbs.io

cloudbs provides fully managed database servers for
blazing-fast and scaling MongoDB and TokuMXTM deployments.

MongoDB on steroids

cloudbs.io provides the database-on-demand platform powered by TokuMX, a distribution of MongoDB that has dramatically improved performance and offers support for transactions. It is a drop-in replacement for MongoDB, so your App doesn't need any code changes. TokuMX is developed by Tokutek .
Blazing Fast
Delivers up to 20x faster query performance even when data is too large for memory. The document-level locking will improve performance even further because Reads do not have to wait for database-blocking Writes.
Without impacting performance, TokuMX compresses all data on disk and achieves up to a 10x reduction in storage requirements. This can significantly reduce the number of servers needed to host your database.
Document Level Locking
TokuMX provides document level locking for insert, update, and delete operations. This dramatically improves the performance of read-write workloads. An important feature that MongoDB may provide within its next major release.
Fast, read-free updates
Fast updates can run up to 10x faster by avoiding unnecessary disk reads. Therefore, all the fields in your update query must exist in the primary key or some secondary key.
Consistent Write Performance
The patented Fractal Tree® indexing technology replaces the common, 40 years old, B-tree indexing. The innovation of Fractal Tree indexes is that as your working set grows larger than main memory, write performance stays consistent because they drastically reduce the I/O.
TokuMX is a drop-in replacement for MongoDB. To get all these benefits, usually there are no changes to your code needed! So just use the native MongoDB driver of your preferred language.

How much is it?

TokuMX Dev

from $36
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 vCPUs
  • 60 GB compressed data*
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TokuMX 40

from $69
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 vCPUs
  • 160 GB compressed data*
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Our Topseller

TokuMX 160

from $235
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 6 vCPUs
  • 640 GB compressed data*
more details

TokuMX 700

from $746
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 12 vCPUs
  • 2.8 TB compressed data*
more details
All services for business customers only! All prices are monthly expenses per server. For German customers the prices are subject to German VAT at 19%. This tax will be automatically added to all invoices. Business customers outside of Germany will have no additional charges. Any USD pricing is an approximate, based on a recent exchange rate. All accounts are billed in EUR.
* Amount of data which can be stored depends on the data compression rate and can vary. Typically, you can expect a compression rate of 3x-10x. For our calculation we use a moderate compression rate of 4x.
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What's Inside?

Fully Managed Database Servers
Keep focused on your core business: developing awesome applications. Rely on our expert knowledge and we will care of the demands of your databases. Our services will help you to identify potential issues before they are getting serious.
Managed Scaling
We are scaling your database servers with your growth. Start small and grow your data up to tens of Terabytes without any worries. As soon as needed, we will manage the scaling of your servers to the next level.
Automated Deployments
We provision and set up the database servers for you. Thereby, you benefit from our experience and all these optimizations and performance tweaks we are doing day by day. Our multiple database server plans offer solutions to a variety of different database needs.
SSD-backed Data Storage
We provide our database-on-demand platform with high-performance SSD Hard Drives to all of our customers. The faster disk I/O performance means higher write throughput and faster reads also for ad hoc queries.
Backups & Data safety
To prevent you from loosing your data, we are also maintaining an extensive backup infrastructure. Backups of your databases are done once a day using a hidden backup member in another data center. So you won't experience any performance decreases while backups are running!
Smart Toolset
We provide smart and powerful tools to manage your databases and performance. Our unique TokuMX monitoring solution provides insights about key performance metrics which will help you to oversee your database activities.

Supported technologies

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